List Your Life: A Modern-Day Memoir

Why Lists of 3?

I began sorting through memories and stories, not sure of how they would take shape. As I brainstormed and experimented, the people and the stories arranged themselves into categories, lists - and I liked it. Lists were fun and at the same time captured a lot of what I wanted to say.

As I realized how much lists were a breakthrough in organizing my memories, I thought that the format might be comfortable and inviting for others to record their memories, too. Lists of three don't require much time, yet they are enough to gather what matters.

Many people don't view themselves as writers. They think it's a special skill that only others hold - yet we all have stories, and those memories are worth recording and sharing. I absolutely recognize how difficult writing memories can be for someone who doesn't view herself as a writer, and that brought forth the entire focus of the project: Making writing accessible, easy and pain free.

So why 3? Deciding on just one response would be challenging because it is hard to narrow to one idea because of all the possibilities, whereas asking for a Top 10 list of memories would be too much for most people to recall on the spot, and then makes writing an assignment and removes the joy. But a list of three? Just right! Knowing that all that will ever be asked is a list of three provides the ease of opening List Your Life anywhere from time to time, and before long, a memoir is made.

Writing down all the details of all the memories would be wonderful, but it's just not practical for a modern-day life. Instead, take a look at a topic and jot a few lines. Some days you may elaborate and lengthen your response, but many times, you'll only have time for a list of three. And that's enough.

The key is 3!

Photo by Edda Pacifico
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